Value of a High-Level Network — in Conversation With Rex Everett

3 min readJul 28, 2022
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The value of having a board and diverse network cannot be overlooked when considering the success and progress of a business. There needs to be a constant flow of ideas to ensure improvement and growth. Having access to a vast network of professionals from all aspects of the industry affords a multitude of perspectives that allows for preparedness when issues arise, problem-solving solutions, new avenues for growth opportunities, and innovation. This is especially important in the healthcare industry.

Today we are talking to Rex Everett. Having worked in the healthcare industry for over 40 years in operations and business development, Rex has developed and maintained a high-level network giving him a clear understanding of the many aspects to consider when growing a business.

Rex, you’re a connector ‘pur sang’. You have a vast network created and maintained during your career. You mentioned that you bring that network with you wherever you go. Can you talk to us about the added value of bringing a high-level network to a board? How can the board and the company benefit from such a network?

“There are several benefits to having a vast professional network. Maintaining and cultivating relationships across all executive levels affords a perspective of current issues and broader industry trends that may not be so obvious. The professional network that I have cultivated and maintained for over 40 years, and still do so, ranges from C-suite executives to administration to community outreach. Imbued within this professional diversity are folks who are always looking down the road, not just looking at the present but looking at the future and our industry’s direction.

“My network is not just diverse from an executive-level but ethnically as well, affording the added value of diversity in perspective, approaches, and problem-solving solutions. This forward-thinking mindset of making operations run more efficiently will benefit the board by bringing in different ideas from a governance perspective. Considering that healthcare is facing two particular glaring issues concerning labor shortage and payer contracting, it behooves us to come up with solutions around staffing, particularly around a healthcare delivery model that’s more economical but can still deliver the same quality of clinical care in the patient experience. This can be done through a broad and diverse network.

“I am always looking to grow my network, always looking for ways to connect new professionals with those in my network and vice versa. Networking is key and has benefited industry progress in the past and will continue to do so. One example that comes to mind is when I developed a professional relationship with several hospital C-suite executives over many years. After 12 years, one of those individuals moved from a hospital CEO to becoming a chief officer in a healthcare system. This individual gave me a call when they started this new position and wanted to begin conversations about how to partner with us, which is now in further discussion. They wouldn’t have approached me with the partnership without the established relationship of 12 years.”

Thank you for sharing, Rex.




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