Welcome to The Alzenia Project — Cynthia Plouché

3 min readOct 5, 2022


Cynthia Plouché — The Alzenia Project

“Welcome to the Alzenia Project.

“The creation of the Alzenia Project was inspired by the importance of belonging, resilience, and mentoring in my life, and in the successes I have known. Although I didn’t always see it as clearly, I now know that wanting to belong has been an important driver for me, for most of my life — whether it was where my family lived, where I went to school, or where I worked. I reflect, through the Alzenia Project on the times I’ve been aware of an absence of that critical sense of belonging and — on a more positive note — when it has been most present.

“In recent years, the importance of belonging has become more and more the focus of my personal and professional activities and conversations. As we move forward on paths of diversity, equity, and inclusion, in a country at financial and cultural crossroads, education, financial literacy, and mentoring can create access. We see access as the door to empowerment. Alzenia Project wants to provide opportunities for self-fulfillment and positive impact; using this to fuel social change.

“Named after my grandmother, the Alzenia Project embodies everything she was — strong, resilient, positive, and meant to serve her community with hard work and intention — and with a good dose of humor.

“When the Alzenia Project was still materializing, a few things were non-negotiable for me — I wanted to ignite a sense of community, create a sense of belonging, and lay the groundwork for a future where we add value to the lives of young women and help them reach their highest potential. Alzenia Project began with a simple desire to bring people together in the spirit of belonging and being together. Today, we have a clearly defined vision, mission, and goal and are determined to keep looking forward.

“Our mission is to be a premier organization harnessing the intergenerational power of women.

“Join us in our efforts to create a global community founded on the pillars of empowerment, belonging, and joy.”

Cynthia R. Plouché is the founder and CEO of The Alzenia Project, a nonprofit organization that leverages the impact of other nonprofits to help young women of color achieve personal and professional growth. Along with her devotion to advancing diversity, Cynthia is also an inspiring business leader. She has a successful career in investment management, including more than 10 years as co-founder and chief investment officer of a woman-owned firm and culminating in ongoing corporate board leadership within the mutual fund industry.




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