Making Your Remote Team Feel Like a Team: Strategies for Remote Collaboration and Engagement - William E. Oliver

2 min readJun 5, 2023

Even post the pandemic, remote work still continues in several organizations and building a cohesive and engaged team has become a critical challenge for organizations worldwide. In an insightful article, “Making Your Remote Team Feel Like a Team: Strategies for Remote Collaboration and Engagement” published on Harvard Business Review, author David Burkus explores practical strategies to foster a sense of unity and collaboration within remote teams.

Having great experience in building dynamic teams, this article was an interesting read. It recognized the importance of cohesive teamwork in achieving organizational goals. The article provides some valuable insights and actionable tips for managers, team leaders, and remote team members seeking to enhance team dynamics and productivity.

  1. Build “buffer time” into your meetings

In between calls, there should be a buffer time to socialise and connect with one another before the meeting begins.

2. Create team rituals

Most high-performing teams regularly engage in team rituals. This has found to increase their productivity and cooperation.

3. Work “out loud”

Keeping other team-members up to date on tasks and deadlines is essential. These should be planned in advance and be discussed with the entire team.

4. Share the pain

“Sharing the pain basically means taking into account the different time zones and contexts of your teammates and rotating through meeting times so that everyone has a few convenient meetings, and a few late nights or early mornings.”

Through the use of effective communication tools and technologies, fostering trust, and promoting regular virtual interactions, the article offers practical guidance on how to create a supportive and inclusive remote team environment.

Read the full article here.

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