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Here’s some unsolicited advice. You can run for political office and win — then discover that the low-key political post you now occupy has more potential and power than you thought.

That’s why our biggest “Gasp!” is how an incredible amount of political races go uncontested. As in, no one runs for the seat or an incumbent who has done nothing continues to get reelected since no one cares to challenge.

Please stop that now and start this now: show up and run. Run to win. At least place and show to get the herd moving in a new direction. Intentionally recruiting women to run for uncontested seats in local government is a great way to overcome incumbent bias and make huge strides toward #5050x2028.

Surveys show that women candidates often have an equal chance of winning — if elements such as fundraising are balanced. Once they win, women officials have the same power of incumbency as a male office holder.

Incumbents have name recognition and are often the easiest choice for voters. Let’s not make it easy for the ones who are marking time. Listen to the issues in your hometown and see if that incumbent is still paying attention, if he or she represents your priorities.

If not, you’ve found your first advantage. When you talk to voters about shared concerns, they’ll see you, hear you, and odds are, vote for you. Then, folks, we have a horse race.

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!mpact Magazine is a platform where people with a vision can share their ideas and insights.

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