Women in Leadership — Richelle Webb Dixon

3 min readJul 12, 2022
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“The world’s most prominent women leaders show the importance of honesty, courage, impact, and decisive action in leadership.”

— Oprah Winfrey, (Media Executive and Philanthropist)

Richelle Webb Dixon — healthcare equalizer, passionate advocate and strategic planner- has served on several different boards trying to bring about a positive change, particularly regarding healthcare diversity and equality for all. Her leadership abilities stem from her passion, and past experiences, which have allowed her to be the change she wants to see. Below is what Richelle had to say about women in leadership -

“I often get asked about balancing work and motherhood. Being a working mom, one faces an array of emotions and responsibilities.

I want to relay an extremely important message to professional women — You can have it all, just not all at the same time.

When starting out on a career path, every woman aspires to ascend to the highest possible level. Alongside there is a dream of one day being a wife, and a mother. As I said, all of it is possible just not always simultaneously. Each phase of life is different. As a young professional, you will be expected to work at odd hours. But as a mother, you will require some flexibility.

One must always remember to enjoy each phase. Know that you are qualified and you can do it all.

When I had my daughter, I worked at a corporate healthcare office and I had a lot of flexibility. Now it’s a bit different in this position and I have to be intentional. I try to have a set work schedule that allows me to help my daughter prepare for school in the morning and be home for dinner at night. But when I’m at work, I give it a 100%, if not more. It is all about being intentional. Giving it your all in your every phase. Be unapologetic about your goals and priorities.

Working women tend to hold onto a lot of guilt which is absolutely unnecessary. The possibilities are endless, but being aware that in each phase of your life different things are important to you — that’s key. You need to know that you can and you will excel at every role you hold.”

About Richelle Webb Dixon: Committed to diversity and equality in healthcare and the workplace, Richelle Webb Dixon is a healthcare equality champion and compassionate leader. As a proven executive in the healthcare industry, Richelle has worked in a variety of settings- hospital operations, ambulatory care, community advocate, and medical education. All of her professional experiences, coupled with her will to bring about a positive change, allow Richelle to create a lasting impact in organizations she works with. She continues to work towards bringing healthcare diversity and equality for all, on the operational side and via serving on boards.




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