It can happen here, there - and where you are. And there is a good chance that it will - Women’s Campaign Fund

The protestors in Canada using trucks to close border crossings have given the nudge — and all clear — to others in the United States and elsewhere to use more confrontational tactics to disrupt communities. Copycats have new targets — the Super Bowl, perhaps; Washington DC more likely next month. Next stop could be right where you live.

Why is that? Few of the Canadian protestors could say what their beefs are, beyond complaints about vague anti-COVID. Those and other complaints are just the mask to hide disruptive behavior for its sake — and that lives everywhere. Just look at the growing number of school boards and local councils under verbal assault now.

So before it escalates from verbal to physical assault, let’s get off defense and act now.

Take a look at where you live and where the weak spots are. You may not know who they “they are” who are going to strike, but you and others can determine where the weak links are in the community. Start talking now and show support for those in office, in law enforcement, community leaders, who will need the community behind them to stop the copycat cacophony commanding your community.

And let’s not forget this is an election year. That means we can elect many more women to office and bring more ideas and diversity to the table to help our communities and states solve real problems and find the true leaders they need.

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!mpact Magazine is a platform where people with a vision can share their ideas and insights.

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