Your Health is Your Wealth - Nikki Rogers

3 min readSep 1, 2021
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‘Health is wealth’ is not just a saying, it is a philosophy we should all live by. Money is not the only currency. As an entrepreneur, your health is a valuable asset that supports your ability to work, think, and perform properly.

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It shouldn’t be skipped no matter how busy you are. As an entrepreneur, you should find time for yourself every day and just look out for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Have the intention to take care of yourself just as much as how you take care of your growing business.

My guest Tiffany Williams-Parra, entrepreneur and healthy-living life coach gave insight on how to start your day off well:

“Get yourself freshened up and go and eat like a queen or a king in the morning, and fill yourself up. Honestly, nutrition and hydration is everything. When you have that foggy brain, when you are feeling lethargic and you just don’t feel right, half of the time, if someone is complaining about that, I’ll ask them: How much water have you had today?”

By maintaining your well-being, you can perform at your best every day. Motivation, innovation, and success in business are rooted in your physical and mental health.

Tiffany also gave insight into why we should focus on health more than we do money:

“Abundance is health. I always tell people that your health is your wealth. We’ve been hearing that for years and it is because you could have all the money in the world, but if you’re not healthy, how are you going to be able to go and enjoy it? If you are not healthy, you are going to be in your bed, laying down looking at your pile of money or looking at the bank account. Your health is wealth, you need to take care of yourself.”

Listen to Episode 307 of Women Thriving in Business as certified life coach, fitness trainer, best-selling author, motivational speaker, and serial entrepreneur, guest Tiffany Williams-Parra talks about how to be an independent woman and create the perfect balance between your life at home and work. Learn about multiple streams of revenue, the importance of business coaching, and why hydration and nutrition should be your top priority as an entrepreneur.

About Nikki: Nikki Rogers is a transformation coach assisting people and organizations to grow and become sustainable entities. She is an experienced management consultant that works to bridge gaps and create opportunities for all. Nikki supports strategic visions to co-create success with other leaders.




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